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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the benefits of creating a profile?

Creating a profile saves you time and adds to the experience of meeting other horse enthusiasts. It allows you to save your favorite horses, manage your ads and share information about yourself with the equestrian community.

How do I change my name, username or information?

You can edit and add new information about yourself by logging into your profile and navigating to your Account Settings. You can access this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the site, which will open a side menu with the option to go to Account Settings.

I forgot my username, email and/or password.

If you have forgotten your email or username, please contact us and we will help. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to reset your password on the login page.

I am not receiving emails from Epona Exchange.

First check your spam filter and add Epona Exchange to your contacts so your mail does not get lost again. If you still do not see your messages, please contact us right away.

Seller Questions

Can I start my ad and finish later?

Absolutely! You can start your ad now and save your work for a later session. This can be especially helpful if you don't yet have the photos or video you need. We will save all your work at no cost and only publish the ad when you are ready to showcase your horse to the public.

How will interested buyers contact me?

Potential buyers will be able reach you by phone, email or through your own website. To save you from receiving annoying spam, we do not publish your email address. Instead, buyers send you an email through a simple contact form, which we deliver to your inbox.

Can I change my ad once it is published?

Yes, you can edit your ad at anytime for no charge. This includes updating the written description as well as adding new pictures and video. You can also keep your ad fresh by changing the featured image.

What are Buyer Interest Statistics?

Our visitor and buyer statistics help you easily understand how many people notice and fall in love with your horse. We track how many people view and favorite your horse, as well as a few other nerdy metrics. If you're not happy with how your ad is performing, contact us and we will be happy to offer a few suggestions.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade your ad at anytime for greater exposure. Just go to your profile, then to the Edit Your Ad page, and hit the Upgrade button in the bottom right corner to get started.

Can I renew my ad?

Yes, your ad is automatically saved to your profile when it expires. If you'd like to renew it, go to your profile and select renew. You can then edit, upgrade, downgrade, upload new photos, etc.

Is listing a rescue horse really free?

Yes, it really is free! We love to support horse rescues, and encourage you to tell your favorite rescue about Epona Exchange.

My ad was flagged as fraud, spam or abuse.

This happened because someone notified us that your ad may have inappropriate content. We always use our discretion to mediate the issue and we are confident we will resolve the issue with your help. Please check your inbox for instructions or contact us with more information.

Buyer Questions

How do I save or favorite horses to view later?

You can save horses that you love by creating an account and clicking the heart on their ad. This adds them to your Favorite list, which you can access in your profile.

How do I share an ad with a friend?

At the top of the horse’s ad, there is a link to Share, which allows you to share the horse with your friends by email, Facebook of Pinterest.

How do I contact Sellers?

The best way to contact a seller is by email or phone, if they provide their phone number. To contact a seller by email, click contact the seller at the bottom of their ad and send them an email. We do not share their email publicly in order to protect them from spammers, but rest assured, your email will arrive in their inbox.

I contacted a seller and have not heard back.

We are sorry! The seller have have sold the horse and forgotten to remove their ad. If the seller published his or her phone number, try that. We do not release the seller's email address.

How do I report fraud, spam or abuse?

If you see such an ad, help the community and click the "Flag as Inappropriate" button found on the full-page ad so our team can review the ad or activity immediately. We will delete the ad and suspend all their account activity.

What do I do if I am the victim of fraud?

If you are the victim of fraud, contact our team! But first, contact your local authorities and the Internet Crime Complaint Center immediately.

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